Protect your account when betting online that everyone should know

Not only at Loto188 but when betting at any dealer, protecting your account and playing safely comfortably is always a top priority. In this article, would like to share the most important information to protect your account and play online betting safely.

Serious about setting up passwords

  • The more complicated your password is, the more secure your account is: be sure to prevent using enough numbers, special characters, and letters (including capital and lowercase)
  • Use different passwords for account types: email a separate password that is different from your betting account password, and different from your other account types
  • Avoid using special numbers such as date of birth, wedding day, phone number, consecutive numbers as a password

Set a password for your personal device

Simple but paramount is setting up passwords for phones, tablets and personal computers. This is a job to help protect players directly when unfortunately these devices fall into the hands of strangers.

For phones, it is recommended to set the screen lock time when not in use as short as possible.

Two-step authentication

Surely anyone who has created an online betting account knows how to provide an email and phone number when filling in registration information (Sample example: registration guide Loto188). This is important information that helps users to own an online betting account.

For the most safety, set up 2-Step Verification for your emails using a phone number. When logging in to your email, you need to have an additional step of entering the code sent to your phone before you can access it.

If the dealer you are playing now supports this function, quickly set it up.

Prestige bookie means safety

Perhaps the information VaoLoto188 shared above is the most basic thing that anyone participating in Internet activities needs to know. Moreover, if you are betting on Loto188, the peace of mind about security and safety is almost absolute.

  •’s servers are located in developed countries, and are recognized for security in network information.
  • This is a bookie that is legally licensed to operate in the Philippines, so they are protected and advised by the authorities.
  • At Loto188, the special thing is that you only need to use “nickname” to transact. Phone verification is required before transferring bets. There is absolutely no account theft or unauthorized login.
  • Moreover, Loto188 requires customers to create a separate password for payment. This is an important factor to help protect the player’s money perfectly.
  • Links to Loto188 all have anti-hack SSL (https: //) certificates.
  • The house’s support team operates continuously for 24 hours all day, players are always assured of being supported at any time.

Add things to do

  • Use an anonymous browser to avoid saving information every time you log in to your betting account, after playing you just need to exit the browser.
  • Limit transactions in public places. If you play at the restaurant, remember to reset the device or turn it off completely before leaving.
  • Limit providing personal information to strangers. You should also avoid asking for phone and email at stores.
  • Sign out of another account when you’re done using it


Account protection when betting online is a must. believes that you now have enough knowledge about online data security. Please rest assured when playing online betting, this is a trend that has been recognized by the community and is growing strongly. Wish you have the most emotional betting, most successful moments. Don’t forget to read other useful articles in the blog category App Loto188.